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Custom solutions, tailor-made to fit exactly with your needs

Our Custom web solutions : a range of exclusive specific web development services.

Personalized flows and layouts for WIX store and WIX bookings

You need a specific flow and layout or more personnalisation options? You are on the right place.

Advanced search and filters

Let our custom system browse and retrieve the exact data that your user needs.

Advanced forms and data collection

We create any tailor made form with the exact required behaviors

Specific design behaviors and animations

You can't have the exact animation that you want? We will code it for you.

Customized registration processes

Because sometimes, you need specific conditions for registering your users.

User Management System

We create or customize your user management system to fit exactly what you need.

Your desired feature is still not listed ?

Please let us know your exact needs and we will do our best to develop the appropriate custom solution.

Section 1

Custom System Functionalities

Good to know

Wix doesn't allow changes on the back-office of their preconfigured apps, therefore some very specific features might not be achievable within these apps. In the rare eventuality of such cases, we would be able to recreate the app from scratch.

Section 2

Services integrations

Tailor-made system developments

You have an idea that has never been developed before? Let's develop it!

Database development

Let us create and configure your databases with optimal data types and keys.

Connexion of external databases

If your data is stored somewhere else, but you still want to be able interact with it from your website. Compatible MySQL and other DBMS

Section 3

Databases and flow of datas

Integration of Third party API’s

We configure your website in order to be able to communicates with any external services, as long as they provide an API.

Installation of specific payment gateways

Because not all payment gateways are currently available in WIX

Creation of Webhooks and HTTP functions

For advanced web apps or just to configure your offline flows (payments by QR code, two step authentications etc.)

Section 4

Other services

Set up triggered emails

If some triggered emails can't be automated from the dashboard, we can still code it.

Configuration of advanced SEO

Boost your online ranking with the optimization of all internal SEO options (title tags, JSON-LD schema markup etc.)

Enhancement of data security

Diagnostic of possible data exposition, encryption of sensitive data, configuration of WIX Secret API

Tests and debugs of your existing code

Because sometimes, what you need is just a fresh point of view

Creation of peer to peer systems

Allow your users to interact with each other

Multilingual capabilities

Reach a broader audience with multilingual capabilities

Recurring jobs

You want to schedule an automatic recurrence for some tasks ? We will set it up for you.

Secure your user's data with the browser's memory

Don't be afraid if your users leave your site : we will temporarily store their progression data on their browser's memory.

Management of geolocation data

For specific needs that requires geolocation

GDRP / California Privacy Act / Legal configuration

Be sure that your website meets the legal requirements of your user's location regarding privacy.

Forum and community

Create and manage your community around a forum

Responsive webdesign

Allow your website to be perfect in any screen size.

Joyce, account manager :

"Are you looking for a specific feature for your website? We are your answer. Equipped with our programming and coding skills, WIKA develops tailor-made functions as per requested by our clients. Being a Velo and Editor X certified, our knowledge allows us to meet and deliver fully functional web solutions."

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