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Share news, influence opinions, create debate

Make the news and manage your community with our News/Blog web solutions

Create astonishing publications

Create posts with a huge scope of integrations : podcasts, visuals, links, buttons etc.

Architecture your site with categories

Make your website user-friendly by creating and managing categories

Embed social channels

Integrate your YouTube channel, Spotify playlist, Facebook page etc. directly to your website

Share your posts on social networks

Allow your community to share your content on their social networks

Enjoy multilingual options

Reach broader audiences with multilingual options

Automate your publications

Create your posts and schedule their diffusion

Your desired feature is not listed ?

We can develop tailor-made solutions for any kind of need.

Check out this page for more information, or just talk with us about your needs !

Good to know

We can develop and integrate any kind of custom feature to your existing WIX blog app. More information

Joyce, account manager :

"Influencers, podcasters, bloggers or journalists : when there is a voice to be heard, there is a blog to be done. A powerful tool to reach your audiences, to voice out your opinion and to gather your community around your very own purpose and values."

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